Our capabilities
we turn big data into business success stories
What we do
As an entrepreneur, you've come this far, but its a slow, rough uphill battle.  There are areas of the business you excel at and love, and then there are the confusing and difficult areas that grind your progress to a halt. We are here to take care of those processes and lighten your load. Our work is meticulous and clean, but smoothly presented.

All of our processes, from research, design, development, to marketing all work together in a state of continuous development to keep you relevant and expanding in the market. Internally, we help you stay on top of your business and keep you connected to your audience with a flexible plan.  Get organized, get moving.
Technology is meant to make our lives easier, but too often it is so complicated we wonder who's really in charge. Most people don't want to know how it all works, only that it works and does what it's supposed to.

Our job is to make sure the most efficient technologies are serving your needs. Maslow’s experience is deeply rooted in selecting the right tech for the right problem and keeping it simple, out of the way, but friendly to work with when you need it. You focus on the end results, while our experience will handle everything in between.
The greatest idea has no use if no one can understand it. We conduct research and testing with customers, then come up with a plan that fits their needs and ease-of-use preferences.

We find all the factors that affect your success: from the impact and success of visuals, to technical details like response time with navigating your site, or even what part of your site is causing people to lose interest and abandon it.  This information shapes the design of your product in a way that makes sense to the market, and grows with their needs so that it becomes something they love, something you can be proud of.

This does not end with one design.  As your product is developed and running, there will be a wealth of feedback data to process so we can determine how to optimize your consumer’s experience. You don’t stop growing - neither should your business.