In the past decades, people have neglected scientific research of the cannabis plant, which has led many organizations to establish cannabis research and education to produce consistent quality. There is also genuinely mystifying incorrect information across internet sites. The Highbrow Group has a platform where cannabis consumers get information about CBD and medical marijuana.

  • YEAR             2017
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The benefits to our business were huge. We didn’t have to spend a ton of resources just getting our data and technology working. Maslow made our technology partner solution an easy decision.

- Jeff Sierra, Showcase Hub
Background Information

Highbrow Group is an educational organization in the cannabis industry focusing on the research of CBD and medical marijuana. It is dedicated to furthering innovative research to produce valuable CBD  and medical marijuana information for medical and consumer markets.

It provides a platform where people can broaden their knowledge about CBD and medical marijuana's uses and benefits, and be connected to valuable information about cannabis products and benefits.

By the numbers
overall code reusability and 1200% reduction in client code
3/4 customers
75% site revisit within the first 30 days of
product launch
94% of users reported the platform improved
their dancing skills
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Highbrow Group operates on the principle that everyone should have access to useful knowledge about personal health and quality of life.

It cultivates on a wide range of information by publishing articles related to CBD and worldwide medical marijuana  research. It's website allows people to access engaging articles and peer review journals. These articles discuss CBD and medical marijuana, how to use cannabis products, how medicine heals several kinds of diseases, and many others.

Through the articles, readers are satisfied as they attain the information they need to help them solve their problems. 

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